Reed Boogs, 21 years old shredder from the USA! Reed made debut at his first FMB Diamond Events in 2017 and you should keep an eye on him in 2018 season! Don’t miss the video edit below, this guy has such a great style and one more thing, he is the Rotorua 2017 Whip Off Champion! Let’s check his Trek Ticket S build! Rider – @reedboggs


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you for “short description of your bike”?

Lightweight & nimble!

Do you have any favorite setup or bike part that you always use, for a new bike build?

150 psi in the fork with a couple of volume spacers for stiffness, 300 psi in the rear shock, 50 psi in tires.

Are you able to choose one part, product or its feature that really surprised you and improved your feeling of riding your bike?

Definitely switching over to Fox suspension has made my whole bike ride different for the better. So stoked on it.

Do you build your bike, let say more universal or do you focus on a one “discipline” (dirt, park or street) and build it that way?

I build it more set up for slopestyle, stiff like a hardtail.




Frame: Trek Ticket S
Fork: Fox 36 100mm

Handlebars: Raceface Atlas 35mm
Stem: Raceface Atlas 35mm
Grips: Sensus
Headset: Cane Creek

Seat: Chromag
Seatpost: Raceface Next Carbon



Cranks: Raceface Next Carbon
Pedals: Raceface Chester
Chain: Shimano
Sprocket: Raceface





Wheel: Stans No Tubes Flow MK3 complete wheelset
Tire: Maxxis Ikon


Wheel: Stans No Tubes Flow MK3 complete
Tire: Maxxis Ikon


Brake: Shimano Saint with Trixer gyro by Trickstuff Germany

Weight: haven’t weighed it but probably around 27 lbs (12.2 Kg)