Simo is a guy who keeps MTB scene in Morocco live and rides the bike with a real passion. If you plan to visit Morocco, you should stand by for some session with the guys and say hi! Simo is also an Admin at MTBMX Evolution Mag so make sure you will check it and stay in touch with some rad bike builds from all around the world! But now, let’s check Simo’s Ride, sweet street machine – custom Dartmoor Freaky! Rider – @simo_ride26


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you for “short description of your bike”?

Well! My bike means a lot to me and everyone around me has already seen that since I opened my eyes I fall in love with bikes, to be honest until now I’ve owned 12 bikes in my life hahaha and I never felt disappointed!

Do you have any favorite setup or bike part that you always use, for a new bike build?

I’m sure that every rider is chasing new stuff or something fresh for his Ride! For me, I prefer to ride my bike with LHD Drive System and lower Travel Suspension (90-80mm), also Top Load BMX stem. I feel so comfortable with high handlebars cos I’m pretty tall guy

Are you able to choose one part, product or its feature that really surprised you and improved your feeling of riding your bike?

For me, or like I said before, I always want to explore some new frames with new geometry and it’s necessary to use it for improving my riding skills! For sure I always make sure to build my bike with lighter parts and especially I like to get parts from BMX world!

Do you build your bike, let say more universal or do you focus on a one “discipline” (dirt, park or street) and build it that way?

To be honest I always want to build my bike that will be friendly with street and park riding!




Frame: Dartmoor Freaky 2015
Fork: Rock Shox Argyle RC 85mm

Handlebars: NS District (best handlebars with no doubt)
Headset: Primo Stevie Churchill Signature
Stem: Shadow Ravager Topload
Grips: ODI Longneck

Seat: Alone Crusty (Wrapped In Camo) Thx to my lovely sister
Seatpost: Satori 150mm




Cranks: Illegal 3 piece 175 mm
Chain: Shadow Interlock V2
Sprocket: Proper Team Sprocket 25T
Pedals: Merrit P1





Hub: Pride Street Mono (Only one in whole Africa baby)
Spokes: Dunno but they are strong AF!

Rim: DT Swiss F550
Tire: Maxxis DTH Skinwall 26 * 2.15


Hub: Shadow Raptor LHD
Rim: Sun Ringle S-type
Tire: Maxxis DTH Skinwall 26 * 2.15



Brake: My Nike Janoski lool

Weight: Around 11.5kg I guess