Tom Cardy is a UK mountain bike shredder who enjoys riding bikes simply everywhere! His YouTube channel or Instagram is full of amazing bangers! You can see this guy send backflips on the street with a mobile kicker, do mindblowing technical moves, shred the park or send tricks like seven twenties in the Slopestyle events! What does he use for riding? We have for you a Bike Check of his fresh camo Green Bicycles build and a little talk about bikes! Rider – @tomcardymtb


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you for “short description of your bike”?

Well, I am stoked to share this bike with you guys because it looks awesome and rides great too!

Do you have any favorite setup or bike part that you always use, for a new bike build?

I run my bike really stiff so that I can carry speed and get loads of pump… the forks at 130 psi and the tires 70 psi.

I am also running 2-inch tires now too, which look so skinny but they feel amazing!

As for components and size’s I try to keep everything similar to its what I know and what I am used too!

Are you able to choose one part, product or its feature that really surprised you and improved your feeling of riding your bike?

The whole setup feels really good, Green Bicycles have designed a frame that really suits my riding, the size of it is perfect! I would not run any other forks other then fox 831, they ride as good as they look! I recently got some new halo wheels too, this made a huge difference to the feel of the bike, it was a lot smoother and faster! Like I mentioned previously the 2-inch tire feels so good so I would say that is a stand out feature at the moment too!

What part is necessary to be fresh in the new season?

I would actually say if the bike is looked after then none of it, for example in the past I have run Halo wheels for 3 years and had no problems. It just makes everything feel fresh again when it’s new.. which is of course awesome!

Which part did you use in your riding career for the longest?

I have used Halo wheels for over 10 years now and fox 831’s I’ve had for a while now too!




Frame: Green Bicycles SCOPE
Fork: FOX 831 100mm

Handlebars: Truvativ Holzfeller 40mm rise
Stem: Truvativ Holzfeller 40mm

Seat: Gusset union jack
Seatpost: Gusset pivotal




Cranks: Shimano Saint 65mm
Pedals: DMR V12 magnesium
Mid: Shimano saint 68mm/73mm euro
Chain: KMC 10 speed
Sprocket: Renthal 32t





Hub: Halo Supa drive
Spokes: Halo
Rim: Halo chaos
Tire: Schwalbe Furious Fred


Hub: Halo Supa drive
Spokes: Halo
Rim: Halo Chaos
Tire: Schwalbe Furious Fred



Brake: Shimano XTR carbon fibre



What about some modifications? Do you apply any?

I use a 2-meter long brake hose which enables me to do lots of barspins & tail whips on long courses or street lines without getting tangled.

The other modification I have is a crank stopper. The best option for me is an old tire cut to fit the bb cup, pushed against the inside of the sprocket. Then finally a jubilee clip to hold the tire tight otherwise I found it unwinds the bb cup!


Imagine that you have to ride a bike build from 2005 and you can choose one part from your current build for it. Which one would it be? Why?

The fork’s for sure, the 831’s can make any bike look and feel awesome!

Are you focus on some features of the bike when you build it?

Not usually however with this bike I have been a little more focused on weight saving firstly by playing with tire size’s, tubeless, etc.. Then secondly I have run a few lighter components, for example, an XTR brake system with a carbon lever, magnesium pedals, and a lighter chain… every little help!

What advice would you give to riders who are going to build their first custom bike?

I would say just look into the parts that you like, its kind of trial and error until you find a setup you like! Also, ride your mate’s bikes too, see what they are running!

Who do you ride for?

Green bicycles
Gopro UK
Halo wheel’s