I wanted to do something like a review of the book – There Is No Need To Be Afraid Of The Dark made by Bicycle Nightmares x Hector Saura. The question was how to do it. How to write a review of a book that is composed of unique photos? I’m still not sure but I believe that this one deserves some attention so let’s do it.

First things first. Honestly, I have to say that these days in the world of Instagram and all these social media I’m really not a fan of Photography and in the mountain bike world I prefer video edits. (I know. I know. I will burn in hell.) I just like to get the vibe and watch all the riders send it. (That’s funny cause I need Photos and articles need Photos too, hah!)

Anyway, let’s take a look at this black treasure. The second limited edition book from Bicycle Nightmares – There Is No Need To Be Afraid Of The Dark it’s a collection of photographs by Héctor Saura that are exclusively used only for this project! A never seen photographs before. Show bicycle culture, lifestyle and some of the best mountain bike riders in the world.

When I read the book I got a feeling that I didn’t expect but secretly hoped for. All the amazing photographs turned into moments, places, tricks and made me feel like: this is it, this is riding! At that moment I didn’t care about any of my dream Bike Builds or best Bikeparks in the world! I felt the irresistible desire to ride a bike with my best friends and enjoy a great time.

There Is No Need To Be Afraid Of The Dark book contains different photographs, tricks, places, and riders, but each page shows the same thing. Pure riding! It shows what brings together riders from all around the world, the feeling of freedom, countless amazing sessions, and friendships which are connected by bicycle culture.

Almost everyone from my “partners in crime” was caught up in life and our sessions when we were riding all day long together are gone. I miss these sessions every single day and every single day looking for power and motivation to continue in building my dream. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes worse. Every day go through my “hands” several photos and videos from the online world. Even those that motivate me most, don’t get me the desirable feeling I need but this book does. This book has it inside. Every time I open it, I feel that despite all the up and down moments, the life with the bicycle is forever.