It was the 17th of August 2013. That day all the mountain bike world focused his attention on the Super Bowl of the MTB Slopestyle – the Red Bull Joyride. Canadian homeboy Brayden Barrett-Hay was the first rider on top of the hill, ready to drop. That day Brayden Barrett-Hay had an ugly, life-threatening crash. Brayden was knocked unconscious for a day and was bleeding in three places on his brain.

After months without the bike and through rehab and healing he’s got another chance. Believe it or not, this guy after all still has the Joyride on the list! Brayden didn’t slow down and he began to push even harder! Technical combos, Indoor parks, Big Dirt Jumps or Slopestyle courses. Brayden shows his high level riding at every place. Let’s find out more about this Canadian shredder in our exclusive interview!


Hey! Would you describe yourself?

A bit of an odd ball head game dude who rides bikes!!!!

Where are you from and where do you live?

I grew up in a small town Uxbridge in Ontario, Canada and am currently still living there.

Have you already started to plan to film of the Homestead vol. 3? I love the roof step down! Such a stylish feature hehe.

Thank you! I am it the works of planning to hopefully film something WAY bigger on the farm in 2019!

The last video project that you made together with Brad Scholl is called “FEARS”. You are definitely a rider who had such a hard comeback at the scene after a traumatic injury at the Red Bull Joyride 2013. Does it reflect times that you had to make it through, overcome the fear?

Oh completely! I really struggle with the Head games after an injury. Fears were very much expressing that.

A situation like this is unimaginable for most riders around the world. Is there something you’ve really changed or cut out of your riding style after that injury?

Changed a lot of my outlooks on life and what’s most important to me. You learn to play it safe at times and be calculated in how you ride. I think it takes one really bad injury before you know who a rider really is.

It will be 5 years soon since that injury. Your Homestead video projects are simply amazing. You’ve got great flow, style and send sick trick combinations. I would like to say that you made it back in probably the best way you could but what’s your point of view on it?

Thanks!! I feel that my riding is better than ever, but still can’t feel that I’ve made it back until I am back in Redbull Joyride.

Did you set some goals after the comeback that are still on the list?

Red Bull Joyride!!! And as always to be a top competitor at the highest level but bringing my own style unique tricks but most importantly just to enjoy this opportunity it’s potentially only a short window of my life that I can do this!



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you for “short description of your bike”?

A fun small bike that’s easy to throw around.

Do you have any favorite setup or bike part that you always use, for a new bike build?

I change a lot but getting pretty set on the way it’s set up now! Low bars 29’ wide, short stem, 90mm travel fork!!

Are you able to choose one part, product or its feature that really surprised you and improved your feeling of riding your bike?

Just everything! The kit I have right now feels so sick. Piecing together this year bike I’ve never been more stoked to ride!

Do you build your bike, let say more universal or do you focus on a one “discipline” (dirt, park or street) and build it that way?

I just kinda build it up to the way I like the feeling most without much intention for what discipline. Short stem, low bars, low fork. Medium height Bb with a decently short frame for spins.


Frame: Mongoose Fireball
Fork: RST Slope

Handlebars: Pro
Stem: Pro
Grips: Sensus
Seat: Sensus

Cranks: Shimano Saint
Sprocket: Shimano
Mid: Shimano
Tire: Maxxis DTH

Brake: Shimano Saint

Weight: roughly 25 pounds (11,33 kg)


I see that you very often shred your hardtail in indoor park Joyride 150. Don’t you think that mountain bike scene should make some huge indoor park session/jam with all the world-class slopestyle athletes, as many of you train in indoor parks?

I guess that all content from Pros focuses on dirt/slope content but forget that many riders around the world are skilling tech moves or just riding in skateparks as well.

I’ve always thought it’d be cool to host like “winter training event.” A lot like highland mountain spring training a few years back!

What will the 2018 season bring to Brayden Barrett-Hay? Do you have any projects, trips or events lined up?

I’ll be out west a lot this year! Then planning to ride all FMB gold events chasing those wildcards into diamonds. As for video a few things I’m pretty pumped about in the works Couple new tricks I’m hoping to learn!!

Riding bikes are not just about the Mountain biking I guess you follow the BMX scene as well, what is your favorite BMX content or riders?  

I get really pumped on any rider with really unique riding style doing creative combos!!!!!

It’s something that people don’t know about you? Do you collect stamps or something like that hehe?

Haha, I feel like I’ve got a lot of story’s people don’t know about me, but I actually have been collecting my flight boarding passes for the last 3 years.

Who would be Brayden Barrett-Hay without mountain biking? Can you imagine that?

Haha, I don’t think I’d like him much. Hard to say tho, I feel like I would have gotten into another similar sport! I wanted to be a Bull rider when I was a little kid lol!




What is your favorite music right now?

Eagles – Take It Easy

Machine Gun Kelly – Alpha Omega

A$AP Ferg – Plain Jane


Favorite trick to do?

360 Indian air or 360 tuck or both at the same time

Favorite or last TV series you’ve watched?

Oh, tough one struggling to find something new to watch but Blue Mountain State!!

Go big or in style? Do you have a favorite mountain bike rider that you are following these days?

Really pumped on a lot of Tommy G’s combos so unique!

You’ve been in Japan with Mongoose team. What’s your experiences and feelings from that place? What about the riding scene there?

Japan was amazing! Actually had no idea how big of a riding scene they have. Public jump spots I was definitely a bit nervous of the first run thru. I really wanna go back sometime!

Who do you ride for?

Mongoose Bikes
Ixs protection
RST suspension
Joyride 150 indoor bike park
Station Ski and ride bike shop

Whatever you want to say, share, mention… you can do it now.

Thanks so much to everyone supporting and following me as a rider!! The motivation for me to never give up!

Thank you, Brayden for your time! Please, say: Hi from us to your cat, we know him/her from your IG stories, this cat is such a badass hehe!

Haha, will do! AJ is a boss My wingman

Make sure you follow Brayden and stay in touch with all the journey he is up to! His story is such an inspiration to us! Fingers crossed for the future and we hope that we will see him back at Red Bull Joyride soon! Cheers!