My name is László Kopacz. I’m Szekler guy from Transylvania and I’m 26 years old. I grew up in a little city Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc. I can not remember how old I was when I started riding bikes, it all started when I was a little kid, jumping big bikes just for fun with my friends, using all kind of obstacles. I think that the main influence was a guy from the block of flats where I grew up. He was probably the first bike rider who I’ve ever met. At that time he was like a Pro mountain bike rider in my eyes. (His best tricks were bunnyhop up to 4 stairs and manual.)

It is so funny because almost everybody around me was dirt jump rider. I think I chose street/park riding because I like much more tech things. Why a mountain bike? Simply because it is a bigger challenge to ride street with a big bike, but a fun fact is that almost all my whole life I was riding with BMX riders. I don’t really care about this fact because MTB street is not that popular. This is what I love about it, and how I can express myself in the mountain bike world.

Art is the main thing in my life. I was in art school from 1-12 class, I moved to Kolozsvár/ Cluj Napoca where I started my studies at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca at painting faculty. I finished the first three years and a master degree there. From that time straight to present I had many exhibitions for example in London where I was with the ERASMUS program, in my hometown and other cities.

I think I’m that kind of person who never gives up. I think the hardest thing in life is to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. I am a very lucky person because I found very early what I love in my life – art and bike. Both are a huge part of my life and it’s kind of a hazard, you can not say to 100% “I will be a painter who can live from this thing or a professional bike rider,” but I put all I can into it and that is the most important thing.

It’s so hard to describe what kind of artist I am. I love to create colorful paintings with my abstract world, but from the other part, I love the realistic line too. So right now in the present, I try to mix realistic and abstract world in my style, but I prefer much more to give the freedom of choice for the people who are looking at my work to create their own opinion.

The riding scene in my hometown is so sad, almost everybody stopped riding bikes and they don’t really see the perspective why it is worth it… almost 6 years ago I moved from home, I’m there only in the summer, but in Kolozsvár/Cluj Napoca it’s almost the same, something changed in the people’s mind.

Right now I live in Budapest, Hungary here is the situation better, it’s a big city with so many bike riders and spots.

In my whole life, I tried to create my dream edit and I had so many big projects, right now my biggest finished project is my edit from 2014.

Now, I have the other project, this edit we filmed in the last 3 years, I can’t describe how hard is to wait with the publishing of some new tricks that you learned and you are so happy with. Now, I play this not publishing game for 3 years.

In this period I made some shitty edits from my social media clips but nothing special, my 17/18 edit. So I hope this year will be my year to finish this thing. This edit takes so much time because almost all tricks are new ones. I think everybody has a dream edit in his imagination, I try to make mine, live.

The main motivation source at the very beginning was Ludwig Jaeger, Alexey Sinayko, Pavel Alekhin, right now I love so much László Gál’s riding style from Hungary and other BMX riders like: Simone Baracco, Courage Adams, Joe Jarvis, Kevin Peraza etc. (I remember that I watched 100 times Sinayko’s bunny tailwhip and I was like – this is impossible for me to do it ).

I realized the relation between art and bike is so profound because for both of them you need to use your imagination and creativity, for me, they are like brother and sister. I am so happy because finally, I started to feel I found my own style in bike riding.