Diego Caverzasi, the Italian Slopestyle shredder who even without big sponsor partner behind his back sends mind-blowing runs and shows his name on top of all the biggest events around the world! We made an interview with this mountain bike athlete and answer all the important questions like what is on top of his playlist, does he like cats or what he is doing? Let’s find out!

Who is Diego Caverzasi?

Diego is a funny kid of 23yo from north of Italy, who is now living the dream of being a professional MTB rider. My adventure in the “tricks world” started when I was 8 in a small bike park near home. I’ve been always really competitive in all sports. I remember my first contest was when I was 10, and the first in the FMB when I was 16.

Are you full-time mountain bike slopestyle athlete or you have to combine it with some kind of job?

I work in a bike shop as a mechanic, for two years now. It’s not a full-time job but it permitted me to pay all my trip for contests last year.

You were one of the top slopestyle athletes in 2017 season for sure but still without some factory (bike – frame) sponsor. How hard and financially difficult is travel the world and ride the biggest FMB World Tour events without such support?

Well, thanks to the well-organized FMB system I’ve been able to travel and compete quite easily. Having prize money for top 10 riders permit at least to pay your trip If you are always in final.

Obviously, If you can’t be competitive it doesn’t make sense try to participate in every contest. Of course, without the support of a bike sponsor, you have to think about more things.

Lately, I saw several comments under articles and video edits from people all around the world who is saying that Slopestyle / Dirt Jump athletes are underpaid. We know that there are several contract options and many aspects that make things different but what is your point of view?

Well, that’s probably true. Our discipline is one of the most dangerous and all of us try always to step up his level taking more and more risks to make a great show.

Everything is based on sponsors, promotion and it depends on how good you are at selling yourself and in the growth of your image.

The courses are bigger and bigger and it seems sometimes riders aren’t even able to put their run together. Are you happy with the size and way how the courses are built? It seems you are comfortable with it after you sent Frontflip Barspin from Boner at Crankworx at Whistler. What a mind-blowing move man!

That was a jolly “laugh” I had that idea while riding at the Air Dome in Whistler some days before the final. There’s a Boner Log into the foam, so I tried a couple of time frontflip of it and it was easy enough to think about more.

Jumps size are always similar, but that’s not a problem for us. Soft ground, wind, sun in the eyes, these are the point that brakes the flow during a run and makes you fall in mistakes.

You announced via your Instagram new sponsors as the Industry Nine, HT components, and Cranked Naturals. Who do you ride for, overall?

Probably thanks to the announcer during the contest, this year I finally found some good sponsors.

So first of all my biggest sponsor is RIRI, the Switzerland Zip industry which is one of the biggest in the world. The second sponsor is Michael David Vinery and Cranked Naturals together, that was a real surprise, I’m really happy to start to work with them.

From the bike industry, I’m now riding for HT pedals, Industry Nine and Ride Formula.

Cranked Naturals will be probably some healthy nutrition. Do you live some super healthy lifestyle or keep all in balance? We say: “never skip riding” and partying of course, hehe.

The healthy life is not for me “laugh” I just eat everything I like. Of course, I train my body to be ready in case of crashes, I train a lot on my bike and that has always the priority.

You were competing in many places around the world and it’s not just about the competition, you have to spend some time in a different place. What was your most favorite place to stay during some Event?

I’ve seen many different places, but in the end, the one I liked more is the West side of Canada, Vancouver, Whistler, Sunshine Coast. Probably the place where I would like to move one day.

Do you have some mountain bike dream that you still keep and want to make it real?

Yes, of course, without dreams and goals we are just humans on the earth, but I cannot tell you or it will never become real “laugh”.

The level of riding is insane in the last few years. Do you practice something new that you want to add to your runs?

In the last years, I’ve been fascinated by the twister of Nicholi. I worked on that trick for a long time and tried it last September, unfortunately, I still have to land it. I also would like to finish my checklist with the frontflip combination, and just a few are missing!!



Quick Shots

What songs are on the top of your playlist now?

Manafest – Turn It up

Kid Kudi – Embrace the Martina

Choose one animal and tell us why?

Cats, because they live the best life “laugh”

Worst crash?

Probably the one during the Crankworx Innsbruck last year. I felt confused about the next 3 days.

You are in a horror movie. Will you watch High School Musical 1 or Fifty Shades of Grey (let’s say 6-hour straight marathon, this sounds horror enough)?

Damn no, never in my life!

Do you like mountain bike street – park riding? Do you follow some favorite rider?

Yes, I like it! I’ve been watching Adam Hauck for a long time, Martin is also probably one of the best in skatepark riding.

What about BMX scene? Are you interested in BMX riding?

I like it, especially park riding, they are some years over MTB so it’s like watching the future.

What’s your plan for the near future? Do you want to change or achieve something?

I set myself a big goal this year, it’s one of my dreams. You will know it if I’ll realize it

I still have some dream tricks to do, it takes time but I’m working on my training setup to make me able to do all of them!!


Whatever you want to say you can do it now

Thank you guys for the interview! Get ready for the new season! “smile”

Stay in touch with Diego Caverzasi and follow his journey this year through all the biggest slopestyle events and all kind of crazy action because this guy has always some big move in his pocket! We thank Diego for his time and we have fingers crossed for this season! For all of you! Cheers