Antonin Honoré, the White Style 2018 semi-finalist and “unofficial” (for now) winner. French mountain bike shredder who rides Dirt Jump, Slopestyle or skilling his technique in a skatepark. Let’s find out more about this young gun! What setup does he ride? Does he prefer cats or dogs? We know everything!

Could you describe yourself?

My name is Antonin Honoré, I am 21 years old and I come from France. Ride bike is my passion.

Your social media Bio says that you are a Bicycle Guider / Teacher. How does it work? Do you make private lessons or…?

Yes exactly, two years ago I was studying for one year to be a bike teacher. Then I was teaching downhill in Morzine during summer season only. Right now I just ride bicycles. I will work to organize some “freestyle stage” probably this year so stay tuned boys!

You were one of 8 French riders who was performing at the White Style 2018. It seems that France will have strong lineups this year. It’s freestyle riding in France popular?

I can’t really say that it’s popular. But we ride with passion and try to do our best. It’s complicated to build a spot in France cause of many rules, papers and convictions politics. But I would like to work on it to make it popular.

Was this event your very first experience with big jumps made from the snow?

First experience with big jumps made from snow and the first experience with such a big slope. It was really different.

Is there any chance to prepare for such a unique event like White Style?

Even if you think you are prepared then you come and you aren’t anymore. These landings were so long!

We saw some troubles with organizer’s (via FB, Instagram) – It seems that they forced riders to ride the course even though the conditions were dangerous. Many riders all over the world are really mad about it right now. As you are one of the athletes there could you say something about this “incident”?

I would say I’m mad too. The organizer from Saalfeden has no respect for everyone. He came to us in the middle of the public and screamed at us. He created a scandal. That wasn’t what riders want. The top four (Me 1st, Simon Pagès 2nd, Torquato Testa 3rd, Franck Paulin 4th) didn’t get our prize money but the 5th,6th,7th,8th get it. Now, I think the FMBA will react well and fix these problems.

We just ride bikes, peace.

White Style was the first FMB World Tour event. Do you have some “Event” plan for 2018 season or are you still considering some?

Whitestyle put me in confidence with some new tricks for me. I plan to ride every Gold Events and hope for more!



Bike Build Q

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you for “short description of your bike”?

Clean & Precise.

Do you have any favorite setup or bike part that you always use, for a new bike build?

Color frame chosen by myself, I try to make it in a “sand color”. Even if I change the frame, I always keep the same distance between the fork and my stem. That was a challenge to set up a giro cable on my bike and now it’s on point!

I ride with 72 psi (5 bar) in the tires. I ride a 2.2 tire in front and a slick 2.15 back. I use carbon cranks (170mm) because it’s more rigid than aluminum. The transmission ratio is 2.8 with 10t back and 28t front. No measure for the seat, I just need to feel it between the knees.

The handlebars with 25mm rise, cut to 750mm make me stable and still easy to move. Sweet longneck grips soft and simple pedals. I ride these wheels for 4 years now and they are still right. If I should change something on my bike I will just put some lighter wheels and the rest would remain ! I just love it.

Are you able to choose one part, product or its feature that really surprised you and improved your feeling of riding your bike?

I choose every part. As we say in France: nothing happens by chance (“rien n’arrive par hasard). So choose what you need!

Could you describe yourself outside of the bike? We all share the same passion for riding bikes but what would you say If you couldn’t mention the bike?

Almost the same! Only when I’m out for too long then I become grumpy.



Quick Shots

What songs are on the top of your playlist now?

Cousin Stizz – Every Seasons

When I say “Movie”. What is the first one on your mind? Why?

Revel in The Chaos. This movie is just mental!

Cat or Dog? Why?

Cats! They are so sweet, cats represent freedom, climb everywhere, sometimes they chill hard and sometimes they are just crazy, A bit like me I would say haha.

What is the second most favorite sport after riding bikes? Why? Hehe

No idea, I like skateboarding, Stand up paddle, run, and trampoline.

What is your most favorite moment since you touched your bicycle for the very first time?

Do a Cork7 no hander during the FISE Montpellier Best tricks. It was such an insane satisfaction to land this dream trick, perfect with a nice flow. All with a crazy crowd.


Whatever you want to say, share, mention… you can do it now.

Thank for your interest, I invite you to follow my season on Instagram & Facebook (@antoninhonoremtb). It’s going to be a great one!


Enjoy life to the fullest