They are young, their riding style is amazing and they send it! The new generation of the freestyle mountain bikers has a lot to offer! One of them is Jakub Hejl and we had a little talk with this guy! This Czech shredder is able to use his high technical riding basically everywhere. Street, park or dirt? Jakub has always some great move in his pocket! Keep reading and find out more about Jakub in our Getting to know series.


Who is Jakub Hejl?

Jakub Hejl is a 19 years old boy, who loves bike riding and everything around it!

Where are you from and where do you live?

I’m from the Czech Republic and I live in the small city Velke Mezirici.

Where do you practice your bike skills?

In the winter I usually train in Trebic, where Tomas Zejda has his foam pit.

We have a small skatepark in my hometown, where I spend a lot of time too because I love skatepark riding. When the weather is good I prefer to riding my dirt jumps in my hometown.

You were competing in several FMB events in Poland or China in 2017. What was your favorite event, why?

My favorite event was definitely Fiseworld in China because the atmosphere there was absolutely insane. Chinese people were smiling every day and it was charging me with the positive energy.

It was my first gold event and it was a big experience and headway. Big jumps, long course, sometimes strong wind and primarily the best riders in the world. After this event, I know where my way will continue. It was a big motivation!

New season, new opportunities. Do you have some “Event” plans for season 2018?

Definitely yes! My plan is so easy, I want just enjoying my bike riding still like in my beginning. I have some big plans for this season, but I can’t tell you everything.

Competing is my priority number one, I have several events on my calendar, for example, Bikedays in Swiss, Fiseworld France, Fiseworld China and lots of else.

You are a rider with great technical skill in both, air and flat. Is it one of your strengths? What would you choose as your strengths?

I don’t know If I’m a good technical rider, but my strengths are definitely tricks in 360 – whips, bars, and hands. I think it is my real strengths and I’m happy about it!

The most favorite trick or move?

My favorite trick is definitely 360 tailwhip to barspin, this trick I do everywhere, it’s so simple and fun trick. But every trick with 360 is so fun and I prefer 360 because I feel so comfortable in it, but the combination with flips is so hard for me, I don’t know why but It’s just like that.

Now, let’s give an advantage to your riding buddies for a Game of Bike! What trick don’t you like or don’t feel comfy doing it?

I don’t like everything where you must use the brake and it doesn’t matter if it is in skatepark or dirt jumping.

In season 2018 you will ride for FDF bike shop on Commencal Bikes, great news congratulations man! Can you tell us more details?

Yes, I’m so happy about this sponsorship, it’s so good for me and we have big plans for this season! Thanks to Kamil Tatarkovic, who helps me with everything around the bike, I’m very grateful.

When we are talking about bikes. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you for “short description of your bike”?

For me: ‘Red Beauty”

Do you have any favorite setup or bike part that you always use, for a new bike build?

Yes, I have many things what I always use. The first thing is definitely Mitas bike tires pressured on 5 bars, the second part what I usually prefer is Long Frame Commencal and bars Deity 750mm long. The last thing what’s really important for me is the fork with 2 tokens and 200 psi because I don’t like when the fork is soft.

Are you able to choose one part, product or its feature that really surprised you and improved your feeling of riding your bike?

Yes, definitely bars because I don’t like high bars like a swallow bird “laugh”, I like low bars with lots of bases under the stem.

Do you build your bike, let say more universal or do you focus on a one “discipline” (dirt, park or street) and build it that way?

I usually focus on one discipline and it is dirt jumping, but I like skatepark and street too.



Frame: Commencal Absolut 2018
Fork: Rock Shox Pike DJ

Handlebars: Deity Blacklabel 750mm
Stem: Deity Copperhead 31.8mm
Grips: Deity Knuckleduster
Headset: Hope Tapered

Seat: Chromag
Seatpost: Truvativ

Cranks: Shimano SLX M7000
Pedals: Deity Black Kat
Chain: KMC
Sprocket: Shimano 26Z
Mid: Shimano

Front Hub: Dartmoor Revolt disc 15
Spokes: Dartmoor
Rim: Dartmoor raider (This wheel I have 4 years now hehe)
Tire: Mitas Scylla 2,25

Rear Hub: Dartmoor Revolt SS 2015
Spokes: Dartmoor
Rim: Dartmoor Raider
Tire: Mitas Scylla 2,25

Brake: Now hydraulic Shimano but soon mechanical twister

I don’t know the accurate weight, but it’s about 11 kg.



Who do you ride for?

Now I ride for:
Meatfly Wear
Mitas Bike Tyres
FDF Bikeshop – (Commencal, Deity components)
MCM company
Profi Parts

I’m so thankful to my all sponsors because they help me and facilitated with a lot of things and I can focus on my way.

Who are your favorite riders?

My favorite rider is Emil Johansson and Brandon Semenuk. Their level of riding is super high compared to other riders.

What is your dream place to ride?

My dream place is definitely New Zeland. There are such a beautiful nature and a lot of parks that I want to visit – between the two mains belong Gorge Road Trails and Slopestyle course at Crankworks Rotorua, because this course looks so amazing! I hope that I could shred this course, soon.

What makes you busy, outside of mountain biking? Are you collecting stamps or something like that hehe?

This is a good question hehe “laugh”! It’s true that I don’t have a lot of free time, but almost all my free time I try to spend with my girlfriend or learn to graduate.

Can you imagine life without riding bikes? What other sport would you do?

Definitely not!! Riding is not just a sport for me,  it’s my whole life… It wouldn’t be me without a bike!!

We create a magazine for riders by riders so we have one question straight from a fan of yours. He would like to know why did you choose MTB instead of BMX. Have you ever tried or were thinking about BMX riding?

I’ve been riding on MTB about 5-6 years and I have never thought of riding on BMX.

I have had a lot of times to try BMX, but MTB is for me a better choice.

What songs are on the top of your playlist now?

Definitely some motivation rap, but sometimes I listen to some slow chill songs.

Choose one animal and tell us why?

Snake because I like snakes and a have snake at home like my pet.

Worst crash?

Broken collarbone…

Batman or Superman? Maybe, Spiderman?

No… I like BOŘEK STAVITEL (Bob Büilder), he was my hero when I was a child haha!

Can you recommend us something that inspires you?

I think it depends on the results, good results are good motivation or inspiration. I have a lot of motivation films and videos that always kick me for better results. One of the last videos what is inspiring me is video from Fabio Wibmer – Escape 2!

Whatever you want to say you can do it now.

I’m very grateful for this interview, thank you so much. Of course, I would like to thanks everyone who supports me, and especially to my mum and dad, to my

best girlfriend, my friends and finally to my sponsors:

FDFBIKESHOP (Commencal, Deity Components)
MCM company

Keep everyone happy and do what you love! BYE!